men thinking about addiction recovery institute of americaThe Addiction Recovery Institute of America is among the foremost drug and alcohol treatment facilities in South Florida. At ARIA, our team of addiction specialists uses a combination of clinical, evidence-based treatment approaches and holistic approaches that are aimed at healing the whole person. In addition to offering the full spectrum of treatment options from medically supervised detox through outpatient treatment and aftercare. And as a result of this broad range of offerings, we pride ourselves on tailoring each program to the client’s individual needs. We are also proud to offer programs that are specific to brave first responders who are battling addiction issues and happy to say that the majority of our outpatient and aftercare programs are available via our extensive telehealth platform. If you or a loved one is battling a substance use problem, it is time you learned more about the Addiction Recovery Institute of America.

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About the Addiction Recovery Institute of America

One of the first things that individuals struggling with addiction issues must understand is that addiction treatment programs work best when tailored especially to their individual needs Thus, we strive to offer each of our clients customized addiction treatment programs that work with their goals.

Our mission is to provide the best available substance abuse treatment among FL drug rehab centers. Among the levels of care and specific programs on offer at ARIA are:

Medically Supervised Detox

Detoxification, or “detox” for short, is the process by which toxic substances are eliminated from the body’s systems. It is often the first step in treating a substance use disorder. For the comfort and safety of the client, it must be done under strict medical supervision. 

Here at ARIA, we guarantee that each of our clients will be constantly monitored by our experienced and compassionate staff.

Residential Treatment Program

In our residential treatment program, clients live on-site. Here, our clinical team monitors them around the clock. Residential treatment is the next logical step for most clients after detox.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

In our partial hospitalization program, clients spend the majority of their day in our treatment facility. However, they sleep either at home or in a sober living facility. We recommend this level of care when individuals continue to require intensive treatment and accountability but are ready to begin transitioning into a situation that requires less medical monitoring.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

In our IOP, clients transition into the routines of everyday life, while still receiving support from our counseling team. In outpatient care, we focus on developing strategies to help the client deal with stressors and triggers as they develop healthy routines.

We recommend this program to individuals who have completed their residential treatment program and are still need of continuing support during their recovery journey.

Outpatient Treatment Program (OP)

The outpatient treatment program at ARIA is the least intensive level of care, and also the most flexible. In the OP, clients work or go to school and live at home while receiving support via telehealth platforms and at our facility. We work hard to structure their therapeutic sessions around clients’ daily schedules.

In conjunction with all of the above treatment programs, at ARIA we offer a range of therapeutic approaches, including group approaches that we have specifically designed to break the isolation that so often accompanies addiction and to build strong social support networks. We also provide family and couples therapy aimed at healing broken relationships as clients move forward on their recovery journey. Additionally, we offer a broad range of telehealth options for clients whose best option is to receive the help they need remotely.

Our Facility and Amenities

Located in West Palm Beach only a few minutes away from the Intracoastal Waterway, the Addiction Recovery Institute of America is adjacent to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With an average annual temperature of 75 degrees and 240 sunny days per year, there are few venues better suited to recovery. Our clients will enjoy a proximity to natural beauty and tranquility that will help them during their recovery.

At ARIA, we know how important comfort and amenities are to recovery, particularly during detox and residential treatment. This is why at our state-of-the-art facility, we have gone the extra mile to provide clients with everything they need. In this way, you can focus on what matters: genuine, long-term recovery.

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The addiction specialists at ARIA believe that there is no single “magic bullet” cure for substance use problems. This is why we strive to be there for our patients every step of the way, from the moment they enter our care.

By focusing on the needs of our individual clients, we have found that in the right climate and with the right tools, any person can free themselves from the prison of drugs and alcohol. Take the first step today by contacting us online or calling [Direct].