Addiction doesn’t just affect the person who is struggling with substance abuse. It can also have a devastating impact on the family. Addiction can cause problems in relationships and finances, as well as lead to emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. A family therapy program offers treatment for all members of the family who have been victimized by addiction.

The family therapy program at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America combines individual, family, and group therapy in various settings to help each person in the family, including the parents, spouse, or children. To find out more about our family therapy program in FL, contact the Addiction Recovery Institute of America today. We are here to bring healing to your family.


A person who enters rehab programs and recovers may come home to a family that is still hurting. Trying to maintain stability in the home while a person is away at a treatment center can be just as challenging as dealing with the addict in the middle of substance abuse. A family therapy program gives everyone the opportunity to explore the way in which addiction has harmed their lives.A program allows the family to come together and work through their struggles. They can finally confront the issues that have torn the home apart and work through conflicts. If you are considering getting treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, then include your family. With the right treatment, you can overcome the struggles of addiction together.


Each person in the family deals with addiction in their own way. Therefore, treatment at a substance abuse treatment center should be specialized to suit the needs of men, women, and children. Addiction Recovery Institute of America offers an array of services to help individuals in need of addiction therapy.Our trained counselors will determine what type of family therapy will be most beneficial to your family’s particular situation. A thorough intake interview will be conducted in order to come up with the best possible assessment for you and your loved ones.


There will be times when the family comes together to address the issues. Other times, each member may need some one-on-one time with a therapist. Individual therapy is available for everyone, not just the person struggling with addiction. We offer individual therapy sessions for each member of the family who needs it, and we guarantee that your privacy and safety will be our utmost priority.


When dealing with addiction, it is good to get perspectives from others who are also on the path to recovery. Group therapy is available for spouses, parents, children, and entire families. Group therapy promotes healthy interaction with others and accountability to keep everyone on the right track.


Addiction can create a tremendous amount of stress in families. However, holistic therapy can provide healing in the mind, body, and soul, through relaxing and stimulating activities that families can participate in together or individually. The goal of our holistic therapy is to identify long-lasting tensions that exist in your family dynamic and work together to find healthy management strategies to cope.


Our family therapy program in FL will often include activities outside of standard therapy. Activities are designed to teach the family how to have fun again and work as a team. There is a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, as well as weekend activities that your family can participate in. These family building activities serve to rebuild trust and stimulate healthy communication.


In addition to family therapy, Addiction Recovery Institute of America also offers couples therapy for clients and their spouses. This is a more intimate setting where spouses can come together to discuss their challenges and work out solutions together. Many of the same therapies that are available in individual or family therapy are also available in couples therapy. Our well-trained counselors can help couples find avenues of communication that reduce the strain that substance abuse has put on their relationships.


Our family therapy program in West Palm Beach, FL at ARIA focuses on specific goals. We understand your family patterns, explore the root of family conflict, and identify blocks in communication. You and your family can benefit from our program by:

  • Improving communication between family members
  • Developing skills to cope with everyday challenges
  • Offering new insights into existing family tensions
  • Identifying triggers from each member of your family
  • Creating strategies to de-escalate conflict
  • Find ways to move past the problems caused by addiction
  • Create goals that you can strive towards as a family

Family therapy has been proven to be an effective method of relapse prevention. It provides addicts with an environment that provides support and accountability as needed. It also helps build a healthier environment at home so that recovery is not hindered.


Regardless of how hopeless your situation may seem, it is possible to get help for addiction. Our family therapy program in FL can help your family learn and grow together as they discover more about addiction and how to overcome it. To find out more about your treatment options, call Addiction Recovery Institute of America at 844.973.2611 and talk to a treatment specialist.