woman learning about rehab programsAt Addiction Recovery Institute of America, we understand that there are as many ways to treat substance use as there are individuals struggling with the disease. In the first place, each person’s circumstance with the substance or substances to which they are addicted is different. Additionally, factors like age, medical and family history, the quantity of the substance regularly used, and many others make it imperative that each addiction treatment program is individualized. To ensure that each of our clients is put in a position to reach their recovery goals, the addiction specialists at ARIA customize each program to the client’s unique needs. We also offer the full spectrum of drug and alcohol rehab programs so that individuals can get the tools they need for lasting sobriety, no matter the severity of their addiction.

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Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

When you are interested in taking the first steps on the road to recovery, it can be a challenge to know where to begin. One of the potentially complicated aspects of this process is that the many levels of care available can be difficult to differentiate. Because not every level is right for every client, it is vital to have an idea of where you or your loved one fits on the spectrum. Among the levels of care we offer at ARIA are:

Detox Programs

In our medically supervised detox program, all toxic and addictive substances are removed from the client’s system. This begins the physical healing process, but also allows clients to focus on the critical psychological and emotional work of recovery. In ARIA’s detox programs, we make sure that clients are continuously monitored by medical professionals so that they can remain safe and comfortable as they experience withdrawal.

Residential Treatment Program

Along with detox, ARIA’s residential treatment program is the highest level of care offered at our Florida drug and alcohol rehab center. Residents live in our facility, where our staff gives them around-the-clock support and supervision. Our residential treatment program often follows medical detox.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

In ARIA’s partial hospitalization program, clients spend a significant part of every day in treatment while living at home or in a community housing or sober living facility. This level of care is ideal for clients who need comprehensive care but are ready to begin reintegration into everyday life.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

In an IOP, clients spend less time in our facility as they continue their transition back into their regular lives. The level of support is still very high. Still, the focus in IOP care is on developing strategies to deal with situations that may challenge their sobriety outside of the walls of our facility. We also focus on building a strong social support network, which is a critical component of the rehab and recovery process.

Outpatient Treatment Program (OP)

The outpatient treatment program (OP) at ARIA is our most flexible and least intensive level of addiction treatment. Clients in this program can work, go to school, and meet familial and social obligations while still receiving support and treatment. Clients in the OP can schedule appointments according to their work schedules and are encouraged to take advantage of our telehealth options.

Specialized Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

At ARIA, we have also developed programs that treat clients with particular needs. Primary among these is our First Responder Addiction Treatment Program, which we have explicitly designed to help the brave men and women who regularly risk their lives to help others. The mental duress that accompanies this kind of work can often lead to substance use issues, and we have made a point of building a program that focuses on them.

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