woman in need of a benzo detox programPeople who know they are addicted to benzodiazepines, also known as benzos, often have a hard time quitting because they’re scared of the detoxification process. They may have attempted to give it up on their own and then relapsed once withdrawal symptoms started setting in. That’s why detox programs are crucial to anyone serious about detoxing from benzos. Medically supervised detox is the safest way to get benzos out of your body’s system.

When it comes to finding a quality addiction treatment and detox program, the Addiction Recovery Institute of America can provide the help you or your loved one needs. Our team provides multiple levels of care and makes a point of constructing an individualized path from addiction to recovery. This treatment most often starts in medically supervised detox with helpful medications provided for safety and comfort.

Getting Treatment For Your Benzo Addiction

Addiction to benzos can happen to anyone. They can be prescribed to help treat anxiety disorders, insomnia, or even seizures. But when people use benzos longer than needed, they can develop a physical dependence or become addicted in a very short amount of time. Continued use of benzos, such as Valium, Klonopin, or Xanax, can lead to serious health complications. Addiction starts to affect every aspect of someone’s life, from their work to their personal experiences. Quitting is the first step, but withdrawal has its own set of challenges.

Withdrawing from benzos is a physically and emotionally trying process. The symptoms are not comfortable and can even be painful. If someone stops using benzos “cold turkey” without any medical intervention, the most severe symptoms can even become life-threatening. When someone is withdrawing from benzos, they may experience symptoms including:

  • Disturbed sleep or insomnia
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Tremors
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Heart palpitations
  • Stiffness and pain in the muscles

People with a long history of benzo use or who have been taking higher doses will have the most severe withdrawal symptoms. The worst cases of benzo withdrawal may involve:

  • Auditory and visual hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Psychotic episodes
  • Increased suicidal tendencies

How Our Benzo Detox Program Works

Medical detox refers to the process of eliminating substances of abuse from the body under the close supervision of medical professionals. Withdrawal can be challenging to get through, and the assistance of a medical team makes it bearable for clients to get clean and sober. With benzos, the primary concern is preventing seizures, as they can lead to permanent brain damage or even be fatal. In our benzo detox program, professionals will monitor your vital signs and prescribe you medication, as necessary, to minimize your symptoms.

The first question many clients have is exactly how long detox takes. That depends on the specific drug you are taking and whether it is short- or long-acting. A variety of other factors affect how long withdrawal and detox take, including:

  • How long you have been taking the drug
  • The dosage you have been taking
  • Your particular body type and composition
  • Genetics
  • Prior anxiety disorders
  • The types of medication used in your personalized detox plan

Additional Therapies After a Benzo Detox Program

At our treatment center, detox is usually followed by residential treatment. Then, patients begin reintegrating into their everyday lives in our partial hospitalization program and our intensive outpatient and outpatient programs.

Addiction treatment therapy programs at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America include:

Receive Compassionate Care During a Benzo Detox Program

Gaining sobriety when you stop using benzos is dangerous without medical supervision in a detox program. You should never try to detox at home or encourage your loved one to do so without medical professionals monitoring your safety and health. This is where a benzo addiction treatment and detox program like the one at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America comes in.

Our team monitors all patients 24-hours-a-day to ensure they go through the benzo detox program as comfortably as possible, but no two patients are the same. That’s why we establish an individualized treatment plan on day one to ensure a successful recovery in rehab and beyond. Contact our talented treatment team today to learn more about how to stop using benzos by calling 844.973.2641 or completing our secure online form.