Abusing substances can alter the way your brain produces chemicals, such as dopamine. When you’re taking a drug on a routine basis, your body adapts to those chemicals and always expects them. It can be hard to overcome addiction when you feel off due to not taking anything. When you look at drug detox options, you should remember that the Addiction Recovery Institute of America is here for you. For information about our drug detox center in FL, contact our team today at 844.973.2641.

The Basics of Our Drug Detox Center

people at a drug detox programThere are a few methods for detoxing from substances such as opioids and illegal drugs.

Cold Turkey

This method involves immediately stopping your use of the substance. Due to your body chemistry, this option often leads to relapses as you end up experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms. This method is particularly problematic when it comes to alcohol, as it can lead to seizures, hallucinations, and body tremors. As a result, most medical experts recommend that you not use this option.

Slow Weaning

You would step down your intake of the substance over time so that your body has time to get used to the decreased levels. While this option still leads to some withdrawal symptoms, they are not typically as bad as going cold turkey. You’ll have an easier time adjusting to how you feel without those substances in your body, which can help with the withdrawal process.

Medically-Assisted Detox

This method uses medication and medical assistance to see you past the detox stage of addiction treatment. It’s commonly used for alcohol, meth, and other highly addictive substances. Typically, a professional team supports you throughout this process and provides you with the care required to make detox centers a safe experience. They help you treat the symptoms of withdrawal and begin developing a treatment plan for the next steps of your recovery.

Inpatient Treatment

Medically-assisted detox is often a part of inpatient treatment. This option places you in a residential program where you live on-site to receive treatment. You can continue this type of program for the rest of your treatment, or you can opt for an outpatient or extended care option.

Detox is Different for Each Substance

Each substance impacts your body in its own way. The right method for detoxing off one drug may not be the same as another. Additionally, if you abuse more than one substance, this creates a more complex set of considerations for managing the withdrawal process and ensuring that your symptoms are manageable.

How much a substance impacts you also depends on the length of time that you took the drug, how much of it you took at a time, whether you’re on other medications, and your body’s genetics. It can be hard to predict what it will feel like once you start a detox, which is why it’s helpful to get help at a substance abuse treatment center.

The Benefits of Our Drug Detox Center in FL

Withdrawal symptoms can be hard to handle and are a big reason why it’s so hard to break the addiction cycle to certain substances. Your body expects the chemicals as a daily part of life, and it can react badly whenever that changes.

Inpatient treatment at our drug detox center gives you the best chance possible to detox successfully. You are in an environment where taking the substance isn’t an option at all, which is not the case if you’re trying to go it alone at home.

Since the staff at treatment centers have a lot of experience in seeing people through the detox process, they will be able to address these symptoms appropriately. They know the best ways to support you and how to get ahead of potential symptoms so that the impact is lessened.

Starting Your Journey to a Sober Life

Learning about our drug detox center allows you to find the best path forward. Contact the Addiction Recovery Institute of America at 844.973.2641 to find out more about your recovery options for drug detox in FL.