At the Addiction Recovery Institute of America, we believe that food choices play a significant role in addiction recovery. Of course, the famous saying goes, “you are what you eat.” Thus, our nutritional support services strive to correct diet problems caused by substance use. In other words, our trained therapists aim to replace drugs and alcohol with healthy nutrients. After all, long-term addiction wreaks havoc on your organs and digestion. For instance, marijuana increases your desire for junk foods packed with sugar. Likewise, binge drinking alcohol causes more abdominal fat by disrupting your liver function.

In contrast, meth crushes appetite and speeds up metabolism, making you underweight. Overall, each substance creates different lousy eating habits that must be righted for sobriety. Given that, the Addiction Recovery Institute of America helps patients fuel and hydrate their bodies optimally with our nutritional support services. To learn more about the benefits of nutritional support in FL, contact us today at 844.973.2641.


Generally, nutritional support services begin right away at detox program admissions. First, our staff will evaluate the physical effects of your substance use. In particular, they’ll assess your weight, muscle tone, and vitamin deficiencies.

Second, our certified dietitians will tailor a nutritional plan to your body’s needs, where they’ll establish proper meals for your stay at our detox center. Specifically, our team selects the best foods to promote balance and healing during the five to 10 days of withdrawal.

Lastly, our nutritional support services provide education for relapse prevention. Also, the Addiction Recovery Institute of America prepares for drug recovery by teaching healthy lifestyle changes. In sum, we have a three-part nutritional guidance process to improve your dietary knowledge.


Research shows that many people who are battling addiction have poor diets. Ultimately, that’s because you neglect self-care in favor of getting high or drunk. Nonetheless, the Addiction Recovery Institute of America can turn your health around. In fact, our nutritional support at our residential treatment program in FL will ensure you ingest the best foods to sustain a vigorous life. During withdrawal, the structured meals will lower the discomfort you feel. Furthermore, getting the right nutrients can reduce your drug or alcohol cravings.

Often, starting a diet regimen teaches detox clients discipline and goal setting. If you have barriers to healthy eating, nutritional therapists could help break them. For one thing, they can suggest resources like SNAP benefits to afford costly fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, nutritional guidance is combined with a family therapy program to involve loved ones in food preparation. Eating better has many plusses, including:

  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Better memory and decision making
  • Stronger immune system defenses
  • Lower threat of chronic diseases
  • Improved digestion and gut health
  • Reduced blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Brighter mood and outlook on life


Addiction Recovery Institute of America uses the detox process to coach clients on the rights and wrongs of nutrition. In general, our educated clinicians want you to eat a variety of natural, colorful foods. Altogether, you should be having five to seven servings of produce each day. Expressly, we recommend dark leafy greens like kale that promote cellular detox. We also teach how to pick good fats, such as almonds and avocados. Then, we balance them with lean proteins like eggs and salmon. We also nix fast foods outrageously high in fat and sodium. In regards to sugar, the Addiction Recovery Institute of America strives for under ten teaspoons added daily. Meanwhile, we’ll boost your fluid intake to two liters of water or unsweetened drinks. By and large, our nutritional support services follow the latest USDA dietary guidelines.


Are you struggling to quit drugs or alcohol? In either case, the Addiction Recovery Institute of America can help you regain control. Namely, our accredited Florida rehab weans clients off addictive substances to begin the healing journey. We’ll provide 24/7 supervision during your recovery to make you as comfortable as possible. Afterward, you can pursue further treatment with a clear mind and a stable body. Fortunately, nutritional support services are available with all of our programs, such as:

Returning to old eating habits might cause you to relapse after detox. Instead, trust the Addiction Recovery Institute of America for nutritional therapy that repairs your internal well-being. Good diets can purge toxins and produce the power to stay on the recovery track. Contact us today at 844.973.2641 to start our Florida nutritional therapy program.