In the world of addiction treatment, there are many levels of care. These range from the most intensive — medically supervised detox and subsequent full-time residential treatment — to outpatient programs that allow clients to fulfill the obligations of work, school, and family as they continue to get support. At Addiction Recovery Institute of America, we cover the full spectrum of these treatment approaches. For individuals in recovery who are ready for the least intensive addiction treatment program, we have designed an outpatient treatment program that allows patients to enjoy a high level of independence as they continue to develop healthy routines and strategies for addressing and avoiding the triggers that can result in relapse.

At ARIA, our goal is to provide you with the tools and strategies you need to achieve long-term recovery. In our outpatient treatment program, this involves helping you develop your social support network and connecting you with resources outside of our facility. However, it also means continuing to provide you with the support you need in the form of, for example, individual and group therapy. As a participant in our outpatient treatment program, you can begin to reintegrate into everyday life, taking on more responsibilities at home, work, or school while putting the strategies you have learned in treatment into practice.

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An outpatient treatment program always involves living away from the treatment facility. In most cases, this means living at home, but some clients benefit instead from living in a community housing program or a sober living home at a residential treatment center. No matter where a client decides to live, however, they will spend time at our outpatient treatment center in Florida continuing therapy and treatment.

At ARIA, our counselors and addiction specialists understand that after an individual has gone through a detox program and removed the substances from their body, there is still a lot of emotional and psychological work to be done. This is why in addition to focusing on the physical aspects of addiction, in our outpatient treatment program, patients also learn about the root causes of their addiction and participate in treatment modalities that take a more holistic approach, focusing on overall wellness.


The goal of our outpatient treatment program is for our clients to be able to live a full and fulfilling life while practicing healthy coping mechanisms to stay sober.

We want to provide an affordable outpatient treatment program for all our clients, regardless of financial capability. We offer a wide range of payment options and plans to fit our client’s budget.

After treatment, our clients may return home to recuperate in security and privacy. However, if our clients do not have a safe and supportive home environment, we can recommend a sober living home at a convenient location.

Our fully trained staff will help our clients deal with daily situations that may cause a relapse. Our outpatient treatment program will help them navigate through any pitfalls that can set back a successful recovery.

Over time, we want to equip our clients with the tools that they need to ensure long-term, lasting, and meaningful recovery.


Real recovery takes time. For individuals who have chosen to undergo formal treatment for the substance use problems, an outpatient treatment program is typically the last step before they are fully reintegrated into everyday life. At ARIA, we are fully dedicated to giving you the strategies and tools you need to handle the stresses of that reintegration without falling back into bad habits. We also help you develop a social support network of family, friends, and peers in recovery so that when times get tough, you will have a safety net.

If you are unsure whether an outpatient treatment program at a substance abuse treatment center is the right choice for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I ready to go back to work or school on a more regular basis?
  • After having completed a residential program, a partial hospitalization program, or an intensive outpatient program, am I ready to live more independently?
  • Am I ready to take on the responsibilities associated with living at home or living independently in a community residence?
  • Do I have a support network of friends, family, and peers in recovery that I can turn to in times of need?
  • Do I have the skills I need in place to handle the inevitable stressful situations and triggers that I will encounter outside of treatment?

If you can honestly answer “yes” to these questions, an outpatient treatment program like the one at ARIA might be right for you.


ARIA offers optional telehealth treatment sessions for clients who cannot attend in-person Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Outpatient or individual therapy sessions. Clients can opt to receive all of their treatment as telehealth/remote or utilize this option when weather, illness or anything else prevents them from attending an in-person treatment sessions. Call ARIA for more information on our telehealth treatment options.


If you are ready to continue your recovery journey but need help transitioning back into your everyday life without drugs and alcohol, our outpatient treatment center in Florida can help. Reach out to the addiction specialists at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America today using our secure online form or by calling 844.973.2641 today.