group at an Alcohol Addiction Treatment ProgramTens of millions of Americans struggle with alcohol abuse and alcoholism every day. As high as these numbers are, it is a sad fact that only a handful will get the help that they need in a quality alcohol and drug addiction treatment program. There are many reasons for this failure to get the necessary treatment. In some cases, an individual may know that they have a problem, but they need help taking the required steps. In other cases, people don’t feel that they can take time away from the responsibilities of family, work, or school to get the help they need. Addiction Recovery Institute of America is here to help provide the treatment you need.

It is also exceedingly common that individuals with alcohol use problems simply don’t realize that they have a problem. Alcohol is a socially accepted substance that is legally available on practically every street corner. Additionally, drinking is regularly portrayed in films, on television, and in social media as being an innocuous — and even necessary — social ritual. Indeed, when we come across someone who does not drink in these media, we are taught to wonder what is wrong with them.

The reality of alcohol use for individuals who struggle with addiction is very different, however. If you are worried that you or someone you care about might need help, reach out to our Florida alcohol addiction treatment center online or at 844.973.2641 today

Do I Need an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program?

Determining the extent to which you or someone you are close to has a drinking problem is not an easy matter. Specialists tend to say that it is safe for men to have somewhere around two drinks per day, and for women to have about one. There are people who do not have drinking problems who drink more than this, of course. To help individuals determine if they may need the help of a substance abuse treatment program, the American Psychological Association has laid out some criteria. These include:

  • You feel the desire to drink alcohol when you are not drinking.
  • You spend significant amounts of time purchasing, drinking, and recovering from the effects of alcohol.
  • It has started to take more alcohol to feel the effects you once did; your tolerance for alcohol has increased.
  • When you have tried to reduce the frequency or amount you drink or tried to stop altogether, you have failed and/or experienced withdrawal symptoms.
  • You have found yourself engaging in risky behavior under the influence of alcohol, like driving or operating machinery.
  • Work, family, and social obligations have taken a back seat to your drinking. You have failed to live up to your responsibilities as a result of your alcohol use.

This list is by no means complete. If even one or two of the above criteria apply to you, however, you should consider reaching out to an alcohol addiction treatment center like ARIA.

What Can I Expect in an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center?

At our Florida alcohol addiction treatment center, your treatment will begin with a complete assessment of your physical and psychological condition. We must determine the level of your dependence on alcohol and your history with the substance, and assess any other health factors that may be involved. Many people who struggle with alcohol abuse, for instance, also have undiagnosed mental conditions like depression, anxiety, or PTSD. From there, we can determine the level of care appropriate to your circumstance. Are you in need of medically supervised detox? Is outpatient care involving individual and group therapy enough? Are you in a position to continue to live at home, or do you need residential care or a sober living facility? At ARIA, we offer the full spectrum of addiction treatment from detox through outpatient care.

Our specialists will be there around the clock to monitor your condition, helping ease you through the withdrawal symptoms that accompany detoxification and give you the tools you need to achieve lasting sobriety. It’s time you lived the life you deserve.

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Alcohol abuse and alcoholism is a disease. And worse, it is a condition that isolates its victims, strains family, romantic, and social relationships to the breaking point, and can ruin individuals financially. If you are ready to take your life back, don’t hesitate. Reach out to the Addiction Recovery Institute of America online or by calling 844.973.2641.