7 Things People in Recovery Wish You Knew

Many people say that you can never become an addict if you never drink alcohol or pick up a drug. However, that logic doesn’t mean that addiction isn’t a disease. You may never develop skin cancer if you always protect your skin from the sun. Likewise, you may never develop AIDS if you always have protected sex. But skin cancer and AIDS are preventable diseases.

Addiction does not discriminate, it can hit anyone at any time. Whether you used a substance just one time or multiple times. You can become addicted just like that. That is why the best way to manage someone’s addiction is to go into recovery.

Likewise, alcohol addiction is a disease that can sometimes be avoided through prevention strategies and educational initiatives. But, unfortunately, some people take risks and develop an alcohol use disorder despite prevention measures like other health problems. Today, most authoritative medical organizations consider addiction to alcohol and other substances a disease.

They Didn’t Choose to Become an Addict and Have to Go into Recovery to Get Better

Becoming an addict is never a person’s choice. Unfortunately, many people develop an addiction by taking drugs prescribed by a doctor to treat a medical condition.

But that doesn’t always happen. Some people are curious and experiment, maybe at a party one time, and the addiction is right then and there. Methamphetamine and Hallucinogenic drugs like Ecstasy are just a few of the most common examples that can cause an instant addiction. Just one dose of these drugs can kickstart a destructive pattern of abuse.

Addiction Can Happen to Anyone Any Time

When you see addicts on television, they are always portrayed as poor or crazy people when in fact, anyone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol regardless of their background, age, or financial status.

There Might Be Many Reasons Why They Began Abusing Drugs or Alcohol in The First Place

There’s rarely one single reason why a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol. Frequently, a person abuses substances to suppress any stressful or anxious feelings. These feelings that drive people to substance abuse might stem from persistent issues in family relationships or a mental illness. Many people who go to rehab for addiction also receive treatment for a co-occurring mental condition like depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Don’t Bring Up The Past While They’re Rebuilding Their Future

Deciding to go to rehab is one of a person’s toughest choices. It takes a tremendous amount of strength and self-actualization to do this – especially for a person suffering from an addiction.

Dwelling on the past and reliving past mistakes is counterproductive for someone recovering from an addiction. They’re in a highly vulnerable state of mind, so it’s far better for them to stay focused on the new, healthy life they’re paving for themselves at this time. The best thing you can do is be there for the person in recovery and encourage them every step of the way.

They Never Wanted to Hurt Or Disappoint You

When a person starts being addicted to a substance, they are only thinking of themselves. So even though they are most likely to hurt any family or friend they associate with, it was never their intention because they only put themselves and the drink or drug first. When they are in their addiction, unfortunately, they don’t care about anyone, sometimes not even themselves.

They Need Your Support Now And Always

Millions of people need but do not receive treatment for an addiction every year. This shows that addiction is a pervasive problem that’s often ignored. But with your encouragement and support, your loved one’s lifelong recovery journey is easier than they once thought possible.

Help is One Call Away at ARIA FL

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