Is Addiction Prevention Possible?

Preventing addiction is the ideal situation. It is an opportunity to avoid an early death, health complications, and financial ruin. Yet, preventing addiction can be complicated, especially if you have been using for an extended period or started when you were young. Early use of drugs or alcohol impacts the development of the brain, increasing the risk of long-term addiction. For those who want to prevent addiction, then, it is critical to get help sooner. Our team at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America can help.

nderstanding The Risks Of Addiction

When it comes to addiction prevention, Florida residents may find the best way to do this is by avoiding use during high-risk periods. Everyone faces stress from time to time. In some cases, stress is much more severe than others. In all situations, preventing addiction means finding other ways to deal with that stressor other than alcohol and drugs. There are times when this is more important than others.


One of the most common indicators of long-term addiction is early use. When a person is exposed to drugs at an early age, especially in their teens, they are more likely to become addicted in the long term and need the help of a substance abuse treatment center

Significant Life Changes

Addiction is more likely during significant life changes, especially those requiring a person to start over. Divorce and job loss are excellent examples of this. During this period, a person may feel overwhelmed with change, leading to the use of drugs or alcohol to minimize stress.


Sexual, physical, or emotional trauma all create change within the brain. If they are not appropriately managed, that trauma can remain with them for years. Individuals may experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which involves flashbacks or intensely painful memories. To manage these episodes, some people turn to drugs or alcohol.

Loss Of Financial Security

The fear of failure is often amplified when a person struggles with financial security. They may be more likely to develop an addiction because it helps them to stop feeling guilt, despair, and depression. 

In these and other instances, preventing addiction may be possible if a person receives the right type of support and guidance during and after these types of events. This may help them to process these experiences more fully, significantly reducing the risks of needing to use substances to control outcomes.

Know Help Is Available

When it comes to addiction prevention, Florida residents can find help through the educational materials and resources we provide at ARIA. If you want to help prevent addiction in a teen or help someone going through a difficult situation, it is always wise to reach out to a program like the one at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America. We can help you learn what steps to take to prevent addiction from occurring.

Preventing addiction means being aggressive in terms of both education and support. Even in the best situations, however, problems can occur. When this happens, reaching out to a trusted resource and supportive team can play a significant role in achieving positive outcomes. Our team can help you if you are using drugs or alcohol by providing you with the full spectrum of treatment programs, including:

If you or someone you care about needs help, don’t hesitate. Reach out to the addiction specialists at ARIA today.

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Preventing addiction must be the primary goal. If you are already experiencing addiction or you have a loved one facing it, it is critical to reach out to a team that can help. At the Addiction Recovery Institute of America, we believe in addiction prevention for Florida residents and comprehensive treatment when addiction does occur. Learn more about the care we offer by calling 844.973.2641.