How to Help a Loved One Seeking Addiction Treatmet

Are you struggling to help a loved one who is using drugs or alcohol? In many situations, this can be one of the most devastating situations imaginable. You may be unsure what steps to take or how to help them without pushing them away. It goes without saying that finding professional support is necessary.

Treatment for a loved one can begin at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America. Our trusted, dedicated professionals are available to guide and support you every step of the way. Reach out to ARIA today at 844.973.2641 to learn more.

Is Treatment For My Loved One Necessary?

There are some situations in which you may feel overwhelmed and unable to support your loved one. You want them to stop using, but they refuse or continually return to use. They may even promise you that they will stop but fail to do so. How do you know when making sure a loved one in Florida gets professional help is necessary? There are a few examples of when expert advice is essential.

  • They have overdosed in the past.
  • Drugs or alcohol impact their lives in some way every day.
  • They hide their drug use from you.
  • They are no longer a part of family activities and are often in isolation.
  • Drug and alcohol use has led to health problems, financial difficulty, or work or school concerns.

When you have a loved one that is struggling, they need someone to offer support. They cannot make this change on their own, but you can help them. Treatment for a loved one begins when someone reaches out to offer support.

How To Get Treatment For A Loved One

Most of the time, a person has to be willing to enter into treatment. They need to realize the importance of it and then take the necessary steps to enter into a treatment program like the substance abuse treatment programs at ARIA. To get to this point, you need to help them to see what their addiction is doing. Start by pointing out what it has done to you and your immediate family. What changes have occurred that are limiting your loved one’s future in your family? What does their use do to you, personally?

Make sure they understand how important it is to you that they stop using. Depending upon their circumstance, it may be useful to make your loved one understand that you will not support their habit financially, or by getting them out of trouble caused by their addiction. Whatever their circumstance, they need to be convinced that freeing themselves of drugs and alcohol is the best path for them.

Reach Out To A Treatment Program That Can Help

When it comes to helping a loved one, Florida residents can put their trust in the addiction specialists at ARIA. We can work with you to give you information and tools to help you encourage your loved one to get addiction help. You cannot solve this problem for them or wish it away. Yet, when you take a step towards getting treatment for a loved one, you are giving them the resources they need for change.

Our team can then help you to find the right level of care for them. These include:

It takes one call to start getting help for your loved one. Once you do, change can happen.

Call The Addiction Recovery Institute Of America

Treatment for a loved one is available at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America. If you have a loved one that is struggling and you are having a difficult time getting through to them, reach out to our team first. Let us offer guidance and support. Helping a loved one in Florida is possible with the right supportive environment. Let our team guide you. Reach out to us online today or call 844.973.2641.