Addiction Treatment Options in Florida

Finding the right type of treatment for addiction is critical to your long-term results. What kind of care is best for you, though? That is not always easy to understand. Many factors play a role in this, including the type of drugs you’ve used, the length of your use, and your overall physical and mental well-being. At the Addiction Recovery Institute of America, we want to ensure you have access to the best addiction treatment options for your needs.

What Addiction Treatment Options Are Available?

When you come in to speak to the ARIA team about your care needs, you will get a full assessment. During this time, you will learn a great deal about yourself, including what may be behind your drug and alcohol use and how much control you have when it comes to stopping your use. During an assessment like this, we can also pinpoint your needs and determine the level of care that is right for you. Here are some examples of care available.

Medically Supervised Detox

Detox programs are short-term. It is best for those who are inactive addiction — that is, who are currently using — and who are unable to stop using without pain and withdrawal. During this time, your medical needs are met while your body naturally rids itself of the toxic chemicals to which you are addicted. We provide medication and support to help you through that process. Once you gain some stability, you can then move on to other forms of care.

Residential Treatment

For many people who need addiction treatment in Florida, residential treatment programs are best. When you enroll in our residential treatment program, you will live in our community, which is comfortable and designed to be more like home than a hospital setting. During residential treatment, which can last several weeks, you will utilize treatment approaches such as the following:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Evidence-based treatments
  • Nutritional support services

This type of care is best suited for those who have a severe or long-term addiction and need help. It is often the next step after detox as well.

Outpatient Treatment

There are various types of outpatient treatment programs. Each one provides an opportunity for you to work on your addiction needs in a setting that is right for you while living at home or in a sober living facility. We offer a partial hospitalization program, an intensive outpatient program, and traditional outpatient treatment. The primary difference between these three options is how much time you will spend in our facility.

Outpatient treatment can be a good option if you have mild to moderate addiction that is well-controlled. It may also be a good choice for you if you have a supportive home environment with people who will encourage you to live a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle. You need to be as free from triggers and use as possible during this time.

Florida Addiction Treatment Programs

No matter what your current circumstance, learning more about your addiction treatment options is a critical first step. Reach out to our team to uncover the possibilities and to learn more about the range of care provided in each of our programs.

The Addiction Recovery Institute Of America Options

When it comes to addiction treatment, Florida residents have numerous options. That does not mean each one of them is right for you. Our team at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America wants to work closely with you to show you what your addiction treatment options are so you can get the care you need and deserve. Call our team at 844.973.2611 to learn more.