Am I Addicted to Alcohol?

Alcoholism rears its ugly head in so many ways. Unfortunately, there are people who believe someone with an alcohol addiction is just a fallen down drunk. While those people are likely alcoholics, the disease can present itself in other ways, too.

Do you want to know – Am I addicted to alcohol? If so, the first thing to note is that you are asking this question for a reason. It is because you think there is something off about your drinking, it can just be tough to admit. That is okay, though. Here at ARIA , we want to be there for you and everyone else when they are struggling with an alcohol addiction.

What is an Alcoholic?

Let’s learn more about what an alcoholic is, what causes alcoholism, the difference between casual drinking and alcoholism and the warning signs of an alcohol addiction. Once we go through all that, you may have a better idea of why you fell into the addiction’s trap. On the other hand, if you find out you do have an addiction, you can contact our ARIA treatment team for help.

Am I addicted to alcohol? Well, the first thing you need to understand is what an alcoholic actually is like.

An alcoholic is someone that drinks beyond their ability to have control. Some other things you should know about an alcoholic include:

  • Can’t quit drinking voluntarily
  • Intoxicated often
  • Drinks daily
  • Drinks a lot whenever they start drinking
  • Drinks more than most everyone else they are hanging out with
  • Has cravings for alcohol
  • Develops a co-occurring disorder with alcohol addiction (anxiety, PTSD, OCD, etc.)

If you or someone you know is an alcoholic or believes you are, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for addiction treatment today. We are able to start helping you right away.

Causes for Alcoholism

If you are thinking that you or someone you care about has an alcohol addiction, another thing that you must look into is the causes for alcoholism. Do you, your friend or your family member relate to any of these causes:

  • Genetics
  • Environmental factors
  • Family history
  • Psychological factors such as PTSD
  • Peer pressure

The list could go on and on. However, with just these few causes, you can try to determine whether they fit yours or your loved one’s lifestyle. If so, and you are abusing alcohol, you likely are addicted to alcohol.

Casual Drinking vs. Alcoholism

In addition to learning all about alcohol addictions, it is also important to know what casual drinking is, too.

When it comes to casual drinking, some of the things that you may need or want to know include:

  • Having a few drinks with dinner (but not always or not for every dinner)
  • Being able to go out and have just one or two alcoholic beverages instead of a whole pack or case

If you are a social drinker and that’s okay with you, alright. However, if you have a loved one who is trying to get or who is sober, it wouldn’t be a good idea to drink around them or to talk about drinking in front of them. You can, however, talk to them about getting treatment for their drinking issues.

Alcohol Abuse Has a Negative Impact on People’s Lives

Alcohol misuse can negatively impact every area of someone’s life. After doing studies in many areas of the world, the general results show that alcohol addiction negatively impacts a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. It also impacts their finances and relationships, too. People with an alcohol addiction also have hygiene, legal and parental care issues. If you or a loved one is wanting to overcome alcohol abuse, reach out to our ARIA FL team for help today

Are You an Alcoholic?

Do you have concerns that you or someone you know is an alcoholic? If so or even if you aren’t sure, there are some signs of alcoholism that you can look out for. If you do notice these things happening for you or someone that you care about, it could be an alcohol addiction. Some of the signs that you will want to be looking for include:

  • Drinking by yourself or lying about when you do drink
  • Not having an interest in activities you did enjoy
  • Craving alcohol
  • Having withdrawal symptoms
  • Drinking instead of taking care of other responsibilities
  • Feeling guilty about how much you drink or when you drink
  • Having extreme irritability or mood swings
  • Drinking right when you get up in the morning
  • Having to drink throughout the day to get through
  • Keep drinking despite all the negative affects it has on your life
  • Can’t control how much or when you drink
  • Think about drinking more than anything else

If you or a loved one can relate to these symptoms, it is likely that you have an alcohol addiction. If this is the case, don’t keep waiting for things to just get better, as that isn’t likely to happen with an addiction. You need to be proactive and take action. Here at ARIA FL, we can help you to get the treatment you need, so you can overcome addiction and get your life back.

Am I Addicted to Alcohol – Types of Alcoholics

When most people think about alcoholism, they picture the stereotypical alcoholic who is a fallen down drunk. However, alcoholism is much more than that. In reality, there are various ways that an alcohol addiction can show up. If you or someone you love can’t control how much you drink, even if you are productive in many areas of your life, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an alcohol addiction at play. There are various types of alcoholics and you might be one of them. 

Get Treatment for Alcoholism Today

When reading about the symptoms of alcoholism, do you or someone you know relate to the signs noted above? If so, now is the time to get alcohol addiction treatment. That way, you can start getting sober and into recovery. The sooner you can make this happen, the sooner you can finally send your life down the track it needs to be in order for you to feel better and to enjoy your life.

Contact us today, here at ARIA FL, to get treatment for alcoholism right away.

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