Benefits of Alcohol Detox for Recovery

Your health is in your hands. Are you ready to make a change for the better? Addiction doesn’t affect just one life. It affects the lives of your family and loved ones, too. At the Addiction Recovery Institute of America, we are here to get you the help you need for yourself or a loved one. Recovery starts with removing toxic substances from your body. We offer comprehensive addiction treatment that heals the mind, body, and soul.

Explore ARIA’s comfortable and healing environment, where our team of experts will help manage your cravings, relieve your pain, and alleviate your withdrawal symptoms throughout your counseling and alcohol addiction treatment. As you regain your physical strength and mental clarity, our treatment team will help you craft your recovery plan so you can maintain long-term sobriety.

Why Alcohol Detox Is The Right Answer

It’s common knowledge that excessive alcohol consumption is bad for your health, so what are the benefits of alcohol detox? Some of the benefits are immediate, and others are long-term benefits to your overall health. If someone is considering lowering their alcohol intake or stopping altogether, these are some health benefits they can expect to see, including:

  • Improved mental health
  • A stronger immune system
  • A healthier liver
  • Improved cardiovascular system
  • Decreased risk of cancer
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved memory and cognitive function

Alcohol Detox Program At Aria

Before we design a program that is best for your particular needs, we spend time evaluating you and getting to know you as an individual. During your evaluation, we look at both your mental and physical history. We test your blood and hair to get a baseline reading of any drugs in your system. A complete psychological evaluation will also be part of the process. Finally, you will have an evaluation by a therapist. This prepares you for alcohol detox and allows us to determine how best to proceed with your treatment.

After the alcohol detox is complete, you will attend one of our addiction treatment programs. Some of our treatment programs for counseling include:

Residents also participate in individual and support group therapy, learn to avoid triggers, and establish healthy routines. Because detox involves the complete removal of the substance or substances from the body, the individual is spared many of the mental and physical symptoms of going “cold turkey” and likelier to avoid relapse. While not easy, medical detox does offer several advantages, which include:

  • Medical detox thoroughly removes toxic, addictive substances from the body, allowing residents to focus on the psychological and emotional aspects of recovery.
  • The process prepares residents for the rehab process.
  • It reduces the intensity of recovery withdrawal symptoms.
  • Residents report that medically supervised detox gives them the peace of mind, mental clarity, and focus they need to move forward in their recovery.
  • It allows residents to avoid immediate relapse.

Our treatment centers are designed to make the recovery journey as easy as possible. We will always treat you with respect in an environment that helps you feel both safe and valued. We work to help you understand that addiction isn’t something you should feel ashamed of. Addiction is a chronic disease, one that you can overcome with time and effort.

Let Our Alcohol Detox Program Help Your Recovery

You can heal from addiction and learn social sober living skills to prevent a relapse and achieve lifelong recovery. At the Addiction Recovery Institute of America, our alcohol detox program is available when you are ready. Contact ARIA today by calling 844.973.2641 or completing our secure online form to see what treatment option is right for you. Learning how to live without drugs or alcohol is part of your process. Recovery is possible, but you have to be willing to ask for help. Let us help you on your journey towards living a full, happy life without drugs or alcohol by enrolling in our alcohol detox program.