Does Ambetter Cover Addiction Treatment?

If you’re wondering does Ambetter cover addiction treatment, this blog from ARIA will answer that question definitively and tell you everything you need to know about going to rehab using your Ambetter health insurance. Let’s get started.

Ambetter Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Any Ambetter health insurance subscriber seeking addiction treatment, shpuld first understand the advantages of choosing a drug and alcohol rehab center that is in-network. In this guide, we’ll explain how Ambetter covers addiction treatment, what being in-network means and the cost-savings and benefits of ARIA’s in-network status with Ambetter.

Understanding How Ambetter In-Network Benefits Work

When a rehab facility is “in-network” with an insurance provider, it means they have a contractual agreement to provide services at a discounted rate for the insurer’s subscribers. This partnership is crucial because it translates to lower out-of-pocket costs for you, the patient, and ensures a smoother billing process.

It also means that your insurance provider already has a good working relationship with the alcohol and drug rehab center. This is important because the way Ambetter covers addiction treatment is similar to all other private insurance companies– They authorize addiction treatment in increments, week-to-week. Still not sure what we mean? That’s OK, keep reading, it will become clearer in this next section.

How Ambetter Covers Your Addiction Treatment

Let’s say you used your Ambetter insurance to go to ARIA’s in-network rehab in Florida. You would likely check into our medical detox first for a period of about 1 week. From there you might move on to residential treatment or our partial-hospitalization program. The nurses, doctors and therapists at ARIA will chart your progress and make notes about all the challenges you are facing and what treatment services they feel you need. 

Then your representative from ARIA works with the people at Ambetter to get those levels of care and days of treatment authorized. Without getting too complicated, no matter what insurance provider you have, they have to sign off on certain healthcare services before you are covered for them. So it really pays to have a contract in place and a good working relationship.

Why You Want a Rehab In-Network with Ambetter

Because ARIA is in-net with Ambetter insurance, we already have contracted rates for services with them and a good working relationship. That saves you money in out-of-pocket costs and it means ARIA and Ambetter can work together seamlessly to make sure you get the addiction treatment services you need to get better.

Savings and Advantages of ARIA’s In-Network Status

By choosing an in-network rehab like ARIA, you’ll enjoy several benefits:

Special Discounts: As an Ambetter subscriber, you’ll receive special discounted rates on addiction treatment services at ARIA, making quality care more affordable. Because ARIA is in-network with Ambetter, we’ve already worked out details like this to save you money while making sure you get the help you need.

Lower Co-Pay: In-network facilities like ARIA offer lower co-payments compared to rehabs which are out-of-network with ARIA, further reducing your out-of-pocket costs. You get the same great addiction treatment, but for a lot less money.

Hassle-Free Billing Process: With ARIA’s in-network status, the billing process becomes more straightforward, as ARIA and Ambetter work together directly to handle claims and payments.

Peace of Mind: When you use an in-net addiction treatment center, your costs are lower and the billing is much simpler and more transparent. You also know that the rehab and your insurance company are used to working together. This gives you a lot less to worry about while you or your loved one in is treatment.

Quality of Care: Another benefit to going in-network with Ambetter is that facilities like ARIA must meet or exceed Ambetter’s standards in order to earn a contract and become an in-network provider. You can trust that ARIA meets Ambetter’s high standards for quality care, ensuring a top-notch experience during your addiction treatment journey.

Choose ARIA Addiction Treatment with Confidence

Embarking on the path to recovery is an important decision, and knowing that ARIA is an addiction treatment center that’s in-network with Ambetter makes that decision easier. Not only can you be confident you’ll receive high-quality care, but you’ll also enjoy cost savings and a hassle-free billing process.

As an Ambetter subscriber, you deserve the best possible addiction treatment experience. Choose ARIA with confidence, knowing that you’re in good hands at a trusted in-network rehabilitation facility. Take the first step toward recovery today – your future self will thank you.

Questions about addiction treatment at ARIA or using your Ambetter insurance for rehab? Give us a call at (844) 973-2611