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Rehab the mind: Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Florida

Dealing with mental illness or substance abuse disorder is a considerable challenge for anyone. Finding effective treatment can be immensely challenging for individuals with dual diagnoses. A dual diagnosis treatment program refers to a mental illness and a substance use disorder treatment coexisting within one treatment program at the same time. All too often, there is a complex interplay between the two conditions where one disorder may be masking or exacerbating the symptoms of the other.

Traditional treatment models focusing on multiple dual diagnosis elements often need to be revised and more effective. What is truly required is a specialized, integrated dual diagnosis treatment program designed for co-occurring disorders. These programs address both issues concurrently with a coordinated team approach. They utilize therapy, medication management, lifestyle changes, and support groups tailored to the individual’s unique needs and challenges.

Aria understands addiction is a complex and multifaceted issue that often goes hand in hand with various mental health conditions, collectively called co-occurring disorders or dual diagnoses. These concurrent mental health issues can complicate the challenges of addiction and hinder the process of recovery. Aria recognizes how essential it is to address these underlying conditions in tandem with addiction. The interlocked nature of these maladaptive behaviors requires a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Why is addressing with Dual Diagnosis treatment beneficial?

By addressing both addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions concurrently, we increase the likelihood of achieving long-term recovery and preventing relapse. Rehab facilities that only treat the chemical dimension of their patients’ issues without seriously addressing their mental health leave their patients at severe risk of relapse. When left unaddressed, these co-occurring illnesses can dangerously exacerbate one another in a vicious cycle.

While some treatment centers focus solely on substance abuse disorders and neglect the psychological issues that buttress them, Aria simultaneously treats both addiction and mental health concerns. Aria aims to maximize the chances of attaining prolonged wellness while reducing relapse risk through addressing co-occurring  Targeting addiction alone without installing adaptive coping mechanisms and mental management skills, leaving patients ill-equipped for long-term recovery maintenance post-treatment.

For example, depressive symptoms may lead one to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to alleviate emotional suffering, yet substance use progressively worsens depressive states. At Aria, we recognize that substance abuse frequently catalyzes a dangerous perpetuating cycle when it co-occurs with specific mental health issues. Identifying the appropriate therapies, including Trauma Therapy, Family Therapy, CBT, and DBT is crucial to maximizing recovery from both the physical and chemical issues that ail them. At ARIA, we want to make sure our patients are well-positioned for healing and long-term success with their sobriety. Here’s how our process works: 

Treatment options

Comprehensive Assessment: When you enter our care, your first step is always a thorough assessment by our trained professionals to identify both the specifics of the substance use disorder and the co-occurring mental health disorder. This assessment helps determine the severity and nature of each disorder, so that we can create a tailored treatment plan.

Integrated Treatment Plan: Based on the assessment, your customized treatment plan is implemented. This plan includes integrated interventions for both disorders. Our integrated treatment approach recognizes that treating one condition in isolation may lead to relapse or incomplete recovery. We understand the courage it takes to get treatment. We want to honor that by giving you the best care that you can have.

Medical detox: Depending on your unique situation, you may need to undergo a period of medical detox before getting treatment for a substance abuse disorder. Medical detoxification, often referred to as medical detox, is a critical and supervised process designed to help individuals safely withdraw from substances of abuse, such as drugs or alcohol. During this medically managed detoxification, our trained healthcare professionals closely monitor and support patients as their bodies rid themselves of harmful substances.

This process aims to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, which can be uncomfortable and, in some cases, life-threatening. Medical detox not only ensures the physical safety of our patient, but also sets the foundation for a successful substance abuse treatment journey. It’s a vital initial step in the recovery process, providing individuals with a stable and controlled environment where they can begin their path to sobriety with the necessary medical attention and emotional support. 

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Medication Management: In some cases, medication may be necessary to manage the symptoms of the mental health disorder. A psychiatrist or medical professional at Aria will assess the need for and prescribe the appropriate medications.

Psychotherapy: Individual and group therapy are essential components of dual diagnosis treatment. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical-Behavior Therapy (DBT), and other evidence-based therapeutic approaches are often used to address both substance abuse and mental health disorders. Many individuals with dual diagnoses have experienced trauma. A trauma-informed approach acknowledges and addresses these experiences in treatment.

Skill Building: Life skills, coping mechanisms, and emotional regulation techniques are taught to individuals to help them manage their mental health symptoms and avoid substance use as a way of coping. This is one of he most critical parts of dual diagnosis treatment.

Get help today!

At the Addiction Recovery Institute of America, our addiction specialists provide expert care for individuals who are struggling with substance use disorders. Our goal is simple: to provide each of our clients with the tools they need to achieve long-term recovery. When you enroll in any one of the programs at ARIA, you are committing to sobriety. We are dedicated to holding up our end of the bargain by designing individualized substance abuse treatment programs that serve each of our client’s individual needs. To get in contact, Call us at (844) 973 2611 or head over to our Contact Us page, fill out our information form and our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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