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How Long Does Drug Detox Take?

Drug detox usually is separate from a drug rehab program. The length of time that detoxing will take is based on many factors including what drugs the person was using, how long they were using those drugs and how much of the drug they had been using. The person’s health and age even play a part in how long it will take for them to get the drugs out of their system.

If you or someone you know needs to overcome a drug addiction, it is a good idea to learn about how long the drug detox process usually takes. If you are ready to start your sobriety, reach out to us here at ARIA FL today.

Drug Detox vs. Drug Rehab

A lot of people talk about detoxing from drugs and drug rehab like they are the same thing. However, detoxing is part of the recovery process, but it is separate from drug rehab. People usually start in the detox program and then head over to a drug rehab program.

In regard to timelines, detoxing is the first stage, allowing the person’s body to get rid of the drugs or alcohol. In this stage, the patient will usually go through withdrawal symptoms. Once they get through those, then, they can move onto other treatments in the rehab program. We do highly recommend that everyone with a drug addiction seeks out help through a professional detoxing program. That way, you can receive monitoring and care during this stage of your recovery. Our team can help to make you more comfortable throughout the withdrawal stage, too.

Detoxifcation Treatments Available for You

When you need certain clinical services for detoxification partially is based on the addiction you have and whether your symptoms are severe enough to cause a struggle in your recovery. In some addiction recovery cases, the withdrawal symptoms can become severe to even dangerous for the person’s health. This is what causes a lot of people to go back to using drugs and often have an overdose due to the period of abstinence prior to the relapse.

If you choose a medical detoxification program, you will use many techniques to ease the withdrawal symptoms such as symptomatic treatment, medically-assisted treatment and therapy. The reason for a medical detoxification program is to improve your comfort and help you to stay safe in those first days to weeks of recovery.

Are you ready to start your recovery? If so, contact us here at ARIA FL to enter a drug detox program today.

Length of the Drug Detox Process

As noted above, the detoxification process is the first stage of recovery. It can last days to weeks. Usually, after the patient gets through the first 1-2 weeks, they are past the more severe withdrawal symptoms. At this point, they are generally able to head into a rehab program and begin therapies and other treatments while managing their less severe symptoms.

In regard to the length of the drug detoxification process, it really is an individual experience. However, if you attend a rehab treatment program, the staff members will help you to better understand your addiction, talk with you about your medical history and create a treatment plan that helps you through this stage of recovery.

With this being said, some of the factors that may impact how long your drug detox process is include:

  • The drugs you were using and how long you were using them
  • How much of the drug you took to get high
  • Whether you have other physical and/or mental health conditions
  • Your gender and/or age
  • Your medical history
  • Family history of addiction
  • Overall health
  • Perspective on the world
  • How often you used drugs before you got into a treatment program

If you are ready to overcome a drug addiction, you must first go through the detoxification stage. Our ARIA FL team is ready to help you start your road into recovery.

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Drug and/or Alcohol Withdrawal Timelines

Now that you know more about the factors that can affect your detoxification process, it would be a good idea to look more into the timelines for the withdrawal process. Keep in mind these timelines aren’t exact for everyone, so yours may be a bit or even a lot different than what is talked about here today.

  • Alcohol withdrawal – usually in 24 hours after the last drink and peak about 72 hours afte rthat final drink (generally taper off near the end of that 1st week)
  • Sleeping pills withdrawal – usually peak about a few days to 1 week after the last use (some withdrawal symptoms like insomnia might get better and then worsen again after 1 week)
  • Opioid and opiate withdrawal – can start hours after the last use but usually peak in that 1st week (more severe symptoms usually taper down by the end of that 2nd week but could last longer for harder drug users)
  • Prescription painkiller withdrawal – usually start the 1st day after last dose and peak about 3 days later (around 2 weeks most of the major symptoms will taper off or start to)
  • Stimulant drug withdrawal – physical symptoms usually taper down in the 1st to 2nd week but cravings can last months (usually starts with a crash and then the cravings)

If you have been abusing any of these drugs, don’t hesitate to reach out for professional detoxification help. Our team, here at ARIA FL, has experience in handling a range of cases for each of these drug addictions. We can help you, as well.

Recovery is for Life

Some people think that once they get through the detoxification process, they are done with recovery. However, that is not the case. Recovery is for life. Once you get through this stage, you can move into the rehab program or other treatment options.

Basically, you want to keep yourself clean. One of the best ways to do that is to get support, work through your underlying issues, take advantage of professional treatment programs, go to meetings and manage your triggers.

If you are ready to learn more about recovery, our team is here to help you get you started.

Get Into a Drug Detox Program Today

As you read above, the drug detoxification timeline may be different for everyone. However, now that you have a general idea of this timeline and how professional treatments can help you through this stage, we would like to hear from you.

Contact us today, here at ARIA FL, to get into a drug detox program today. We look forward to helping you get your life back into the state you would like to be in.

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