How to Choose a West Palm Beach Drug Rehabilitation Center

Choosing the best West Palm Beach drug rehabilitation center for yourself or someone you love can feel like a lot of responsibility. We certainly understand that. In fact, most of the people who work at ARIA are either in recovery themselves or have had their lives touched by addiction in other ways. This ARIA blog is designed to help you choose the right West Palm Beach drug rehabilitation center for your needs in a few simple steps. We believe it will help you make an informed decision on addiction treatment that you can feel confident in. 

Why a West Palm Beach Drug Rehabilitation Center?

If you aren’t already aware, South Florida is recognized as a “recovery Mecca” of sorts in the United States. There are more 12-step recovery meetings, facilities, and resources for people recovering here per square mile than in any place on Earth. So a better question might be, why not a drug rehabilitation center in West Palm Beach?   

There are over 200 Alcoholics Anonymous meeting groups in Palm Beach County alone, so this area is rich with the spirit of recovery. This also means a high concentration of medical and psychiatric professionals specializing in addiction treatment here. That makes it much easier for a West Palm Beach drug rehabilitation center to staff itself with the best minds in the field of addiction medicine. 

How to Decide on Your West Palm Beach Drug Rehab

So, we’ve covered the why. What about the “how”? With so many options, how do you choose the right drug rehab in West Palm Beach for you or your loved one? How do you pick the best fit? We suggest starting with your need and wants. Rather than typing in “drug rehab near me” into Google and sifting through dozens of pages, why not start first by deciding precisely what you need and want in a South Florida rehab? 

Make a list of items on paper or your phone. Once that is done, list your resources. For example, do you or the person needing help have health insurance coverage? What kind? Where can you use it? Do you have family members or friends who could help you see this admission through? Whether it be a ride to the facility or some financial help with an insurance deductible, think about who you can rely on.

Getting to Rehab and How Long Will You Stay?

Lastly, we recommend that you think seriously about how much time you or the person who needs rehab can commit to their treatment. Remember, if you are really serious about recovery, you must be prepared to make it the most important item on your life agenda for some time. This often means taking time off from work or school. Sacrifice is part of recovery, but it is so worth it, we promise.

Consider this: How much have you given up already in chasing your habit? How much has addiction taken away from you at this point without leaving you anything in return, except misery? When you look at it that way, finding the will and a way to take 30-90 days to improve yourself and possibly even save your own life seems pretty minor, doesn’t it?

That’s a lot to think about, so here it is in summary:

  1. Determine what drug rehab center features you need and want.
  2. List your resources (insurance, people who can help, finances etc.)
  3. Consider how much time you can take and how you can do it.
  4. Make a plan and enter treatment.

Deciding What You Need In a West Palm Beach Drug Rehabilitation Center

Begin with the services and features that are your “needs” and “musts”. These will be the items you feel will be critical to successful treatment and recovery for you or your loved one.

Of course, anything that is medically necessary falls into this category. Any treatment or therapy for specific conditions you or your loved one may have should as well. For example, if you know that trauma is a concern, insist upon a rehab that offers trauma treatment. Last but not least, you want a rehab in West Palm Beach that has first-class credentials and a great reputation.

Is Medical Detox Needed?

If the person who needs treatment drinks or uses every day, or enough that they experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop for a day, then a medical detox in West Palm Beach will most likely be necessary. The best Florida addiction treatment programs, like ARIA, have their own medical detox facilities on-site. That way, you do not need to transfer from program to program and disrupt your continuity of care. Insist on a West Palm rehab that is fully licensed and certified and has a dedicated detox center on campus.

Dual-Diagnosis Rehab in West Palm Beach

Do you or your loved one have symptoms of a co-occurring condition like depression or anxiety? If so, you should also specify dual-diagnosis treatment to make certain that mental health is properly addressed during treatment. Dual-diagnosis drug and alcohol rehabs offer support for co-occurring conditions along with substance use disorders so that no stone is left unturned.

ARIA has licensed mental health specialists to diagnose and treat mental health disorders in concert with any substance use disorder. Research shows that people who get treatment for their co-occurring condition while in drug rehab have a much lower rate of relapse. It’s not hard to understand why. If you have reason to believe depression, anxiety, PTSD, or any other potential mental health disorder may present with the addiction, get dual-diagnosis treatment.  

Treatment for Trauma and PTSD

Do you or the person who needs treatment have a history of trauma or a PTSD diagnosis? If past trauma is a factor, whether or not there has been a formal diagnosis of a trauma disorder, then your best bet is to seek a facility that offers trauma treatment. The best addiction treatment programs in Florida are trauma-aware and offer therapies proven especially effective for trauma. 

Licensing, Accreditation and Certifications

Another item for your must-have list is Joint Commission Accreditation. The gold seal from the Joint Commission lets you know that the facility has met or exceeded the high standards of the country’s most renowned healthcare accreditation organization. Look for other certifications or endorsements as well. Better Business Bureau membership is a good one. The Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) is another. Naturally, you want to choose a facility that the State of Florida licenses, but the Joint Commission will only accredit facilities that are fully licensed by the state. 

Ratings and Reviews

Finally, you might check Google Reviews for the West Palm Beach drug rehabilitation center you are considering. How many stars do they have? Make sure to read the reviews, too, don’t just count the stars. The top-ranked Florida rehabs should have at least 4-stars on Google. Make sure they don’t have just 10 or 11 reviews too. The star rating is an average, so a rehab that has 4.2 stars from 100 reviews should carry more weight than one that has 5 stars from 11 reviews, for example.

ARIA is Here to Help

If you or someone you love is living with addiction, ARIA wants to help. Our West Palm Beach drug rehabilitation center offers evidence-based dual-diagnosis care for all forms of substance use disorders. Remember that the first step in recovery is communication.

A conversation with our admissions advisors will answer your questions and inform you of the treatment options we have available for you or your loved one. Give us a call at (844) 973-2611 or contact us using this form, and together, we can create a brighter future.