How to Get in Touch With Who You Really Are in Recovery

Many factors lead to a healthy recovery. One of the most crucial factors is a deep understanding of self. Focusing your treatment and recovery on personal development, self-care, and relationships with others can better prepare you to live your best life after your stay in a residential addiction treatment center.

The team of addiction specialists at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America in West Palm Beach, Florida, knows that no two individuals struggling with addiction are the same. This is why each of our clients receives treatment that is tailored to their individual needs. From our detox programs to our residential recovery programs to our outpatient care, we have a solution that will help you get in touch with who you really are during your stay with us.

Finding Your True Self In Recovery

Recovery is an emotional combination of healing the body and the mind. Childhood trauma, sexual and physical abuse, and disorders like PTSD can all lead a person to feel ashamed, unworthy of love, isolated, or depressed and ultimately seek comfort in drugs or alcohol. That is why it’s imperative to seek out self-discovery techniques that will help you come to terms with past demons, learn about behavior patterns and why they occurred, and help bring out positive parts of yourself that may have had trouble coming to the surface.

For many people in recovery, the road to a substance-free life is long and paved with difficult challenges. The physical, emotional, and mental toll of recovery is no joke. However, it’s important to remember that with each challenge comes a learning experience and a chance to grow. These are all parts of the self-discovery process, just like facing the root causes that led to your drug or alcohol abuse, so you can learn to stay away from those influences in the future.

It can be overwhelming at first to try and embrace a new sober life and all that comes with it, so pace yourself and remember to take things slowly and give yourself a break. You’re allowed to let go of the mistakes you’ve made and the decisions that led you down the path to substance abuse.

How A Recovery Program Can Help You Get In Touch With Who You Really Are

Our treatment specialists suggest focusing on four key areas to finding yourself during recovery.

1. Find Your Motivation

Choosing to walk away from substances and enter recovery requires motivation. That motivation could be your health, your family, or the fear of sinking deeper into addiction. Staying connected to your motivations, whether big or small, is a crucial part of recovery. Working on your fitness, learning how to cook, or educating yourself to re-enter the workforce can be great goals to stay motivated and plan better for your future after treatment.

2. Become More Self-aware

Self-medicating may have masked your pain. But it leaves you feeling out of touch with yourself and makes learning how to cope with those unpleasant feelings without drugs or alcohol even harder when you first start recovery. Activities like meditation, therapy, and journaling can help you better process and manage your emotions, and become more self-aware, which is critical to a successful recovery.

3. Get To Know You

During recovery, the relationship that often requires the most work is your relationship with yourself. Along with substance abuse comes the shame, guilt, resentment, and regret you feel. Being able to forgive yourself and heal will be one of the hardest parts of recovery and the toughest conversation you’ll have with yourself regularly. Getting out of this negative cycle by trying new things, being in a trigger-free environment, and stepping outside of your comfort zone will all aid in your healing process and discovering a better you.

4. Relate Better

When relationships with family and friends are healthy, it can only help your recovery, and you might be surprised at how it will change your own attitude for the better. Recovery will help give you the tools to repair any strained relationships and let go of the toxic ones that only foster addictive behavior. Also, recovery focuses on building back healthy characteristics to build and maintain meaningful relationships. This includes being trustworthy, a good listener, and your most authentic and true self.

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