How Your Relationships Are Affected by Addiction

Deciding to seek treatment for your substance abuse problem is one of the most important and yet difficult decisions you will ever make. Trying to fight addiction alone can be scary and challenging, and without proper support and guidance, it can be a long road. Unfortunately, many who try to go at it on their own fail to achieve the sobriety and lifestyle change that they desire. With millions of people living with addiction in the U.S., only a very small percentage will take the steps necessary to overcome and manage their addiction issues.

The decision to make a move toward recovery and treatment success is yours, but you do not have to do it alone. The knowledgeable and caring professionals at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America are here to help you every step of the way, providing you with the necessary tools, resources, and support to ensure your substance abuse treatment success. Reach out to one of our counselors today to learn how they can help you receive the treatment you need and take that first step toward a sober life.

Deceit, Lies, And Trust Affect Relationships

The lies begin very simply; “Where are you going?”, “What will you be doing?” and “Where did you spend your money?” With each deception, the coverup and secrecy grow larger, putting a wedge of distrust between an addict and their loved ones. Every relationship is founded in trust, and when that trust is eroded, relationships break down and dissolve.

But relationships do not have to end because of addiction. As part of a treatment program at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America, clients and their loved ones share various therapy options to mend the splintered relationships and re-establish a level of trust.

Anger And Violence Toward Loved Ones

Drugs and alcohol can turn even the smallest of arguments into volatile situations. As anger bubbles to the surface, either the addict or their loved ones may lash out in frustration, betrayal, and desperation leading to violence, fear, and shame. Relationships that were once built on love and mutual respect are now shrouded in anger and violence.

The addiction treatment programs at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America not only focus on the treatment and recovery of clients but on helping them to regain control of the emotions and feelings which may lead to anger and violence toward their loved ones.

Addiction treatment therapies may include:

Helping Versus Enabling

No one wants to see their loved ones consumed by addiction. If you are in a relationship with someone with an addiction, you may find yourself making excuses for them, minimizing the situation, or even taking on responsibility. Are you helping or enabling? When addiction inserts itself into your life and clouds your judgment, you may think you are helping when, in fact, you are simply enabling your loved one’s addiction.

At the Addiction Recovery Institute of America in Florida, we have made it easy for caring loved ones to open the door to healing and end the enabling simply by calling 844.973.2641.

Learn More About Relationships And Addiction At The Addiction Recovery Institute Of America

Addiction is a treatable disease that can be overcome and managed with the help and guidance of trained and experienced counselors and therapeutic programs. But it is not done alone. Family therapy is a critical part of the recovery process as any other addiction treatment therapies and is critical to repairing damaged relationships.

If you are ready to move forward with recovery or have a loved one who needs assistance with their addiction, there is no better time than now. Start the process of mending your relationships and helping your loved one by reaching out to us online or calling 844.973.2641 today.