Woman Seeking Addiction Treatment During the Pandemic

The Pandemic’s Impact on Addiction Treatment

COVID-19 has created added challenges in life for all of us. For those seeking addiction treatment during the pandemic, the burden can be even greater. With limited or no access to in-person services, being at home is creating unexpected hardships and challenges for individuals seeking treatment for substance use disorders. Tens of millions of adults…

Residential Treatment During COVID-19 Pandemic

What to Expect When Entering Residential Treatment During a Pandemic

During a time when loved ones may be lost, unemployment is sky-rocketing, and isolation threatens to push people over the edge of rational thought, the rate of substance abuse and addiction has also increased to unprecedented levels. With more and more people in need of assistance for their substance abuse issues, there is also greater…

Drug Addiction Impacting Relationship

How Your Relationships Are Affected by Addiction

Addiction is unapologetic when it takes hold of a person’s life, destroying nearly everything in its path. Finances, employment, personal safety, and relationships are all in jeopardy as the addiction threatens to strangle the life of sufferers. We are social creatures by nature and thrive on relationships, but addiction threatens to dissolve even the most…

Woman Experiencing Substance Abuse Treatment Success

How to Ensure Your Substance Abuse Treatment Success

Deciding to seek treatment for your substance abuse problem is one of the most important and yet difficult decisions you will ever make. Trying to fight addiction alone can be scary and challenging, and without proper support and guidance, it can be a long road. Unfortunately, many who try to go at it on their…

Woman Discovering Who She Is In Recovery

How to Get in Touch With Who You Really Are in Recovery

Many factors lead to a healthy recovery. One of the most crucial factors is a deep understanding of self. Focusing your treatment and recovery on personal development, self-care, and relationships with others can better prepare you to live your best life after your stay in a residential addiction treatment center. The team of addiction specialists…

Social Outing Without Drugs or Alcohol

Being Social Without Using Alcohol or Drugs

Living sober means finding new ways to hang out with your friends and family without using drugs or alcohol. At the Addiction Recovery Institute of America, one of our goals is to teach you how to improve your social sober living skills. We know that you want to have fun, but you aren’t sure how…

Patient Experiencing Treatment Improving Relationships

Can Treatment Help Improve My Relationships?

Drug and alcohol addiction changes everything, including relationships. Even though you love and trust your family and friends, these substances take over, becoming the most important component of your life (even if you don’t recognize that initially). The best way to overcome this is through an addiction treatment program in Florida, and relationships generally can…

group at a comprehensive treatment program

Components of a Comprehensive Treatment Program

When most people seek treatment that addresses their struggles with substance use disorder, there is seldom one particular approach that is best for them during their entire recovery. This is why it’s important to choose a facility that offers a comprehensive treatment program. The Addiction Recovery Institute of America is an excellent place to start.…