woman who needs a routine in recovery

The Importance of Establishing a Routine in Recovery

If you’ve struggled with addictive behaviors and are in the process of recovery, you understand that life after addiction can be an incredible challenge. Even a positive lifestyle and behavioral changes can seem overwhelming, which is why having a routine in recovery is paramount. Building new behaviors, structures, and patterns into your life will help…

woman at a medically supervised detox program

Medically Supervised Detox Program

Learning that there is a medically supervised detox program in your area may have set the pace for you or your loved one to begin substance abuse treatment. This method is how it usually starts for many clients interested in treatment at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America. Our medically supervised detox in FL is…

man talking about rehab assistance options in fl

Options For Rehab Assistance in West Palm Beach

Paying for drug and alcohol addiction treatment can seem like a daunting task. Not everyone has access to affordable treatment programs. Before you think about the costs and availability of coverage, consider your future. What will happen if you continue on the same path? Or, if you are seeking treatment for a loved one, what…

man working on preventing addiction

Is Addiction Prevention Possible?

Preventing addiction is the ideal situation. It is an opportunity to avoid an early death, health complications, and financial ruin. Yet, preventing addiction can be complicated, especially if you have been using for an extended period or started when you were young. Early use of drugs or alcohol impacts the development of the brain, increasing…