Paying for treatment

Paying for Treatment

When someone is struggling with an addiction and/or mental health disorder and they are ready to get help, one thing that may be weighing on their mind is how they are going to start paying for treatment. This can feel like quite the burden and a big challenge to overcome.

However, there are numerous options that allow people to start paying for treatment – whether that be addiction rehab or mental health disorder treatment services.

Using Insurance When Paying for Treatment

Do you have an insurance plan? If so, it might be helpful to know that the majority of private health insurance plans do pay for a portion of addiction rehab and mental health treatment. There are even some private insurance plans that will be paying for treatment in its entirety.

If you need to know whether your insurance plan will cover your treatment, reach out to our ARIA FL team today to find out. We can find out how many days will be covered, which services your insurance will pay for and any other conditions that must be met in order to have them paying for treatment.

When it comes to major health insurance companies, there are 4 main ones that generally cover mental health and addiction treatment services. These 4 insurance companies include:

These companies have spent millions of dollars helping people around the nation to get the treatment they need.

ObamaCare (The Affordable Health Care Act)

ObamaCare or the Affordable Health Care Act doesn’t penalize people anymore for their pre-existing conditions. This means that someone who already had an addiction can apply for an insurance policy through ObamaCare. In fact, substance use disorders are listed in the 10 essential health benefits for the Affordable Health Care Act which means the policy must treat addictions like they do other major medical conditions when paying for treatment.

The amount of treatment coverage you get is going to depend on which insurance play you choose. However, generally, Affordable Health Care Act policies will cover around 60-90% of substance use disorder and mental health disorder treatment. To get a little better idea of what the specific insurance plans cover look at this list:

  • Bronze plans – 60% coverage
  • Silver plans – 70% coverage
  • Gold plans – 80% coverage
  • Platinum plans – 90% coverage

The specific plans may or may not be available to you. You will have to fill in all your personal information to see which insurance policies you would qualify for. There are insurance agents that can help you to get the insurance that is best and most affordable for you.

Medicaid and Medicare

There are state and federal-sponsored health insurance plans that generally pay for addiction rehab costs, as well. Medicaid and Medicare are the two most common options. Each insurance plan will determine how much coverage they provide and what eligibility requirements there are for each individual.

For example, with Medicaid, some eligibility requirements include:

  • Being a parent or pregnant
  • Under 19 years old
  • Older than 65 years of age
  • Specific income range

With Medicare, some eligibility requirements include:

  • Older than 65 years of age
  • Being disabled

If you have either Medicaid, Medicare or both and you are struggling with an addiction or mental health disorder, please reach out to our ARIA FL team for the treatment that you need.

Private Payments or Financing

Unfortunately, the rehab costs may be more than you can afford. If you don’t have insurance or your insurance plan doesn’t cover all the treatment costs, you may have to go another route when paying for treatment.

Private payments or financing may be the route you choose to go. There are private financing options through many state and federal organizations that help those who are uninsured. There are also scholarships and payment plans available through some rehab centers that you may qualify for. You can reach out to our team today to find out whether we have something like this that you would meet the eligibility requirements for.

If you have a 401(k) or IRA plan, you may have to take some money out of that, so you can start paying for treatment. Home equity loans are another option that you may want to consider. Think of it this way – you are investing this money into a better future for yourself and your family. Treatment is often needed to overcome an addiction or mental health disorder. When you get the treatment you need, you are able to start healing and living a happier life in recovery.

paying for treatment

Crowdfunding or Fundraising

You can check into the many different websites for crowdfunding. These websites allow you to set up a page where others can donate money to you. You can use that money when paying for treatment in an addiction or mental health rehab center.

You could also talk to your friends and loved ones about doing a fundraiser. This could be another way to get a good lump sum that you can use toward your treatment costs.

Local and State Government Programs

As noted above, there are variety of organizations and programs that can help to cover addiction and mental health treatment costs. Depending on where you live, you might have a local agency that covers these costs. It might be coverage for a specific type of rehab, but as long as you attend that program, you can get the treatment you need without paying out-of-pocket.

Depending on the state you live in, there may be some government programs that help with the rehab coverage you need, as well. Some of the things that may might need in order to qualify for these programs include:

  • Proof of citizenship
  • Proof of residence in the specific state you are applying in
  • History of addiction or mental health disorder
  • Proof of the severity of your addiction
  • Show that you can’t afford treatment any other way (proof income, lack of insurance, etc.)

Unfortunately, a lot of these programs do have wait lists. However, if you can get the proofs that you need and get on the list, the time for your opening into a rehab center will come soon enough. In the meantime, you can attend addiction recovery meetings, support groups and other free meetings for those with addictions or mental health disorders.

Get Help to Start Paying for Treatment Today

Now that you know there are numerous ways that you can start paying for treatment, you no longer have to worry as much about how you are going to get the help that you need.
Contact us today, here at ARIA FL, to learn how you can start paying for treatment through our facility.

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