Options For Rehab Assistance in West Palm Beach

Paying for drug and alcohol addiction treatment can seem like a daunting task. Not everyone has access to affordable treatment programs. Before you think about the costs and availability of coverage, consider your future. What will happen if you continue on the same path? Or, if you are seeking treatment for a loved one, what if they do not get help? With rehab assistance options available to many people in West Palm Beach, there is help available. At the Addiction Recovery Institute of America, we can help you find that support.

Does Insurance Cover Your Costs?

For most people who have a health insurance policy, such as from an employer or purchased independently on the healthcare market, mental health treatment is covered. This includes substance use disorder treatment. That means that in most cases, you will have coverage under your health insurance plan.

Your plan will naturally be different from other plans. You must learn whom you can get care from through your provider. You should also consider factors such as the type of care available and the length of stay available to you. For example, your policy may cover outpatient rehab treatment, but not residential care or medical detox. It may include all substance use treatment but place limits on the length of stay in a facility.

Rehab Assistance Without Health Insurance

There are various steps to take if you are looking for rehab assistance options in Florida. One method is to work with a team at a treatment location to set up direct pay. That means you can pay for the care directly as you utilize it. This can help give you some flexibility in making payments.

You may also be able to secure financial support through rehab assistance options that you qualify for in various ways. The Florida Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program may provide some support. This program is provided through the Florida Department of Children and Families. If this organization cannot help you by providing you with access to care, they can tell you about other programs you may qualify for based on your individual needs.

If you are a veteran, you may benefit from care through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. There are numerous drug and alcohol treatment options available to vets, including coverage through the VA and also through local treatment programs.

For those who are on Medicare or Medicaid, there may be available support for you as well. Do not overlook these types of program options if you or someone close to you needs financial assistance.

What You Can Do Right Now

It can be hard to know where to get addiction treatment assistance in Florida. If you are unable to find the help you need, reach out to our team at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America. We can help you to determine any insurance coverage available to you. We can also help you find other programs that you may qualify for as well. There are many paths available to you, no matter your level of dependency and income bracket. You do not have to live a life of frustration and addiction. Learn more about our treatment options, including:

Let our team help you to find the rehab assistance options that suit you best.

Call The Addiction Recovery Institute Of America

Your future depends on your ability to get into treatment. Even if you are unsure what type of rehab assistance options apply to your situation or whether you can find support, our team is here to help you and support you. We encourage you to find the addiction treatment assistance Florida residents qualify for and to schedule an assessment with our team. At the Addiction Recovery Institute of America, we can help you find the one-on-one help you need. Call 844.973.2611 for help.