What Happens in a South Florida Inpatient Program?

Are you ready to change your future? Do you want to rebuild your life so that it does not depend on alcohol or drugs? If so, our team at the Addiction Recovery Institute of America can offer you the care and support you need. Our South Florida inpatient program is designed to provide you with a comfortable, positive space for you to recover and rebuild.

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Care Level In A South Florida Inpatient Program

The first thing that happens when you visit our residential treatment program is an assessment. This is a non-invasive opportunity to get to know your health and wellness needs. We need to learn about the type of drugs you use, the length of your use, the severity of your addiction, and any co-occurring health issues you have. We also want to talk about your mental health and your history. This is an opportunity for us to determine what type of care is best for you.

Some people in active addiction with a significant amount of dependency will need to complete a detox program. This is a short-term stay in which you receive support as your body works through the detoxification process under medical supervision. It can reduce pain and help you manage your withdrawal symptoms. From there, you can enter into our South Florida inpatient program.

A Treatment Program Customized To Your Needs

Once we have determined the level of care you need, we can then customize your treatment in our South Florida inpatient program to meet your unique needs. That will allow us to provide a range of care options to achieve your health goals. Some of the things we may offer include:

  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Trauma therapy support
  • Nutritional support

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to heal. Each person’s care plan is a bit different as a result. Still, your inpatient substance abuse treatment center in South Florida will include a range of therapy options to help you.

Working On Your Physical Needs

Drug and alcohol use often creates health challenges. These challenges may include problems such as nutritional deficiencies. You may develop liver or kidney disease, among many other possible adverse effects. Our team works with you to reverse any of these complications to ensure you have the best chance of healing as you move forward.

Working On Your Mental Health Needs

Another component of your care will be to use our evidence-based therapies to rebuild your mental health. We want to teach you about your disease. We then want to give you tools that you can use each day during recovery to help you to make the right decisions. These tools include managing any negative thoughts you have. It may involve learning how to avoid triggers (and what those triggers are for you). We want to give you insight and support so that you can continue to rebuild your health.

What Happens After Care?

When you complete our South Florida inpatient program, you are not left on your own. Our team will work with you by designing more treatment approaches and supportive therapies for you based on what your needs are. This may include:

You can be empowered to live a life that you love. You need to reach out to our inpatient treatment in South Florida to learn how to rebuild your life.

The Addiction Recovery Institute Of America

Our South Florida inpatient program is designed to give you the tools you need to live a healthy life that you control. If you are ready to change your future, reach out to our team for help. To learn more about the inpatient treatment South Florida residents swear by, call the Addiction Recovery Institute of America today. Reach out to our counselors at 844.973.2611 now.